Les Chalets du Cap - Magnificients view on the Saint-Lawrence River, the Iles-aux-Coudre and the mountains of La Petite-Rivière Saint-François.

Located East of Baie Saint-Paul, the story says that this old toponym, "Cap-aux-Corbeaux", gets its origin from the popular belief that the sailors of the old days had to keep away from this headland, where, they believed, crows were sitting there waiting for victims of wrecks. The swirling waters were believed to engulf those who got too close. Still today, legend has it that the "Cap-aux-Corbeaux" will one day crumble down, taking with it Baie Saint-Paul and Île-aux-Coudres. This legend was often transmitted by our elders, back in the 1880's. The name itself, Cap-aux-Corbeaux, can even be found on a map designed by Chaussegros de Léry back in 1739.

A tribute to my ancestors

They say there are special places on earth.
Those who inhabit these places.
Are marked forever.
In their whole being and that for generations.

It also says there special people on earth.
They leave a lot of themselves.
Wherever they live.
These people take life landscape.
The palms of their hands at the heart of their homes.
Thus we live in Cap-aux-Ravens for generations.
Slipped between the river and mountains.
Open windows in the heart of the campaign.
The cottages Cape will offer a diverse landscape
at each of the seasons.

I invite you to the cradle of my ancestors.
A unique piece of land.
Serene where from time to time.
It's good to share with nature.
Fireside in the evening…the rest is in order.